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DESTINATION 58: Swakopmund North


Bush Bird - Scenic flights - Sossusfly : Damaraland : Kolmanskuppe

WELCOME ON BOARD: Based in Swakopmund, Bush Bird is a fully licensed air charter company that provides all kinds of flights: Scenic, Business, Photographic Safaris and Fly-Ins.

Sossusfly . . . our most popular scenic flight. The flight has a duration of ± 2hrs and 10 min covering about 630 km of which less than 20% could be seen if traveling by road. This scenic flight discovers the ancient desert deep in the heart of Namibia and the southern Skeleton Coast from the air. Tourist often regard this flight as the highlight of their holiday. Sunlit sand dunes roll and undulate, and are beautiful in a way that is not of this world. Around there is sand and ochre dunes stand sentinel against the blue sky. Add to the sand sea a low level flight along the green Kuiseb to the Kuiseb Canyon, as well along the coastline, which has its own story to tell. Listen carefully – each of the Atlantics wild waves will whisper a different story in your ear: of diamond camps, shipwrecks that rust away on the shoreline, the long wall also called wall of death. The clean golden smell of the desert on a hot day will be with you forever.

Highlights: Kuiseb Riverbed , Sossusfly 2 , Kuiseb Canyon, Tsondabvlei , Sossusvlei Area (7 types of dunes) , Diamond Camps , Conception Bay , Shipwrecks, Long Wall , Sandwich Harbour , Salt Works , Walvis Bay , Longbeach , Swakopmund The route from Swakopmund to Sossusvlei and back takes ± 2 hrs and 10 minutes, covering about 600+ km of which less than 20% would be seen if you would be travelling by road.

Skeleton Coast : Coastal Impression (Duration 1 hour)

Fascinating Damaraland (Duration 3 hour)

One Day Fly-In’s – (Standard Routes) North : Himba Fly-In’s : There are two options for a Himba Village visit: Opuwo and Epupa Waterfalls

One Day Fly-In’s – (Standard Routes) South : Ghost Town, Kolmanskop, Fishriver Canyon

CARTER: Consider us for your charter flights. Give us your route and we will work out a quote and contact you with details.
ACCOMMODATION : Situated within sight and sound of the mesmerising Atlantic Ocean, The Atlantic Villa offers accommodation within walking distance from the beach.


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